Melissa Maas

Property Investment Manager

With a career of over 19 years in real estate sales and property management, Melissa brings a wealth of experience and business acumen to her department. As a local home owner and investor herself, Melissa both understands and is committed in providing a level of communication, attention to detail, and customer service necessary for her management team to deliver a service second to none.

As Licensee and Department Head, Melissa is mindful of the strong legislative nature of her industry and ensures her team have extensive knowledge of the current legislation along with constant training and industry courses.

Combined with Melissa┬┤s dedication to the industry and her natural ability in both negotiation and mediation, LJ Hooker Collaroy clients can feel confident they will have both a Licensee dedicated to the industry and a management platform from which they will achieve the maximum investment results for their property.

  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist
    Liveability Real Estate Specialist

My Awards

  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist - Nov 2015